Interview with Grimner: Part one

We had the pleasure to do an interview with Ted from Grimner at this years‘ Ragnarök Festival. In this first part of the interview we talk about the history of Grimner, the importance of Social Media as well as good and bad experiences.

Grimner Promo.jpg© Grimner Please introduce yourself and the band to our readers.

Ted: I’m Ted, lead singer and guitarist of Grimner. We are from Sweden. Actually, the members are from all over Sweden. We started in a small place called Motala but then spread out all over the country. That is why we do not rehearse so much. And we play Folk Metal. What was the reason the band decided to play Folk Metal?

Ted: Before Grimner we had another band which was not that good (laughs). I’m not gonna name it. However, we played pretty generic Melodic Death Metal. Henry and me we have known each other since we were nine or ten years old. So, we have been playing together for 17 or 18 years. Half of the band before Grimner decided that we want to do something more special. That resulted in me trying to get my interest in Norse mythology, folk music and Viking history. Some of the others in the band did not like that and left. It is actually my fault that we play Folk Metal (laughs again). You came from Berlin today?

Ted: Yes, we played at Blackland last night. Did you have a good ride to Lichtenfels?

Ted: Yeah, yeah absolutely. We drove through the night. We arrived at the hotel at 6 a.m. I think and slept for about four hours. Were you able to sleep on the way?

Ted: Yeah, but sleeping in a minivan is not comfortable. But it works out nevertheless. We could not sleep in an upright position…

Ted: Neither do I. It messes up your back. But half of us are okay with sleeping in a car. So, the hotel bed was most welcome. So, you are just on a short tour for this weekend?

Ted: Yes, we played Blackland last night, Ragnarök Festival today, will head to Belgium tomorrow and to the Netherlands after that.


© Let’s talk about Social Media. You are quite active there. Especially on Instagram…

Ted: We try to stay very active on Social Media. It is important to do that because there are so many bands out there that it is easy to get lost. Do you think there is a direct effect from your activity on Social Media?

Ted: Absolutely! There are a lot of great bands that do not get the recognition they deserve because they do not work on putting themselves out. That is what we try to do. We work a lot with Social Media. It is one thing if you play music just for the fun of it but we really want to put our music out there. That is why we have to stay active. Is anybody in the band related to Social Media or was it more like a self-education?

Ted: Not related, but our drummer Henry loves to research about how to use Social Media. It is mostly thanks to him that we are so active there. Grimner celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Ragnarök Festival is having its 15th. You already played here two years ago. What is your general impression about the festival? Do you like it here?

Ted: Oh yeah, we love it here! Personally, I would even say it is the best festival we have played so far. So, we were really excited to come back. We played pretty early last time and there were already a lot of people in front of the stage. We were kind of blown away. The German audience is in general really crazy. They really know how to mosh. It is not the same in Sweden. Folk Metal is not that big there. People seem to assume that we are well known at home but that is not really the case. Scandinavian audience is not really impressed by Folk / Viking Metal because it is nothing exotic to them. You do not that many shows in Sweden then?

Ted: Nah, we just do one show every now and then. As it is still our home country we try to play there at least sometimes. However, we are slowly getting more popular there. You had your record release party with Månegarm there…

Ted: Yes! Maybe one day we will do a record release show outside of Sweden. Name your best and worst experience with Grimner so far.

Ted: Hmmm, the best experience was either here at Ragnarök Festival two years ago or at Hörnerfest which is another festival we really love. We filled the entire area there at lunchtime which we were not expecting at all. The audience blew us away. The worst experience… that is a bit harder to answer. I think it was the first tour that we did which was in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. We did not have places to sleep, had in general no experience in touring at all and organised everything by ourselves. We ended up sleeping in the car on the road for only about two hours every night. We even got mad at each other in the end. At least the shows were good. But we learnt from it and know it better now.

To be continued…

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