Artist Picks – Keith Fay (Cruachan)

Cruachan zählen zu den Mitbegründern des Genres Folk Metal. Die Iren wurden Anfang der 90er gegründet, erlangten jedoch völlig zu Unrecht nie den gleichen kommerziellen Erfolg wie z. B die deutlich später entstandenen Eluveitie. Einziges verbliebenes Gründungsmitglied des aus der Region Dublin stammenden Quintetts ist Keith Fay. Wer nun denkt, dass dessen Top Ten ausschliesslich aus Folk- und Pagan Metal Tracks besteht, liegt komplett daneben. Master Fay weist einen sehr breit gefächerten Musikgeschmack auf und liess es sich überdies nicht nehmen, zu jedem Song einen Kommentar mitzuliefern. Diese teilweise sehr persönlichen und gelegentlich mit einem Augenzwinkern versehenen Bemerkungen liefern wir in der englischen Originalfassung mit.




1. Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording) – It’s Quiet Uptown

(I am obsessed with Hamilton and have been to see the show twice, this song always brings tears to my eyes, brings memories of my parents who both died in the last two years)

2. Steeleye Span – Johnnie Armstrong

(I only got into this band in the last few years but got into them in a big way. Banging out the folk rock tunes since the late 60’s, this song is from their 2018 album and borders on ‘Folk Metal’)

3. Borknagar – Colossus

(an amazing band and an amazing song, John from Cruachan guested on their latest album)

4. Ludovico Einaudi – Nuvole Bianche

(I am in love with this guy’s music, this track means a lot to me as I composed a song about my mother to the melody. Will it ever be recorded? Who knows)

5. Woods of Ypres – Shards of Love

(what a bloody great band. I got into them about five years ago and remember listening to their bleak lyrics for months before deciding I should check out who they are, where they are and what are they up to. I almost died when I realised their vocalist, David Gold, who wrote so many songs about wanting to die …. was dead. He died in a motorcycle accident)

6. Pendulum – Tarantula

(one of my more eclectic choices. Pendulum play a mix of Techno, Drum and Bass with a sprinkle of Heavy Metal attitude. I love the Reggae vibe in this song)

7. Horslips – King of the Faeries

(what can I say, a classic. I was working on a version of this for Cruachan, then Waylander ruined everything by recording it before us. Bastards, haha)

8. Therion – Birth of Venus Illegitima

(one of my favourite metal bands. They have slightly influenced Cruachan on our later albums, you can hear a lot of the classical music I love so much creeping into our songs)

9. Anthrax – Caught in a Mosh

(I’m a huge Thrash fan and this whole album has been with me all my metal life and you can’t ask for a better mosh pit song than this)

10. The Fountain O.S.T – Death is the Road to Awe

(one of my favourite movies and soundtracks. It’s so stunningly beautiful and this track, oh my god the build up and climax. Makes my hair stand on end every time I hear it)


Keith‘ Auswahl, welche keiner besonderen Wertung unterliegt, kann in unserer Spotify-Playlist angehört werden. In dieser sind ebenfalls sämtliche gewählten Tracks aller bisher teilnehmenden Künstler aufgeführt.




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