Artist Picks – Mikael Lindström (Apocalypse Orchestra)

Das Apocalypse Orchestra wurde 2013 gegründet und spielt eine aussergewöhnliche Mischung aus Medieval Folk Musik und Doom Metal. Das Debütalbum „The End Is Nigh“ erschien 2017 und stellt nach wie vor einen unbedingten Hörtipp unsererseits dar!

Gründungsmitglied Mikael Lindström bedient bei den Schweden die Folkinstrumente, namentlich Drehleier, Nyckelharpa und Dudelsack. Seine Top Ten besteht aus einer Mischung aus Metal, Folk und gar etwas elektronischer Musik. Der Recke liess es sich dabei nicht nehmen, die jeweiligen Songs kurz zu kommentieren. Seine Bemerkungen wurden in der englischen Originalform belassen. Aber lest selbst:

Apocalypse Orchestra

© Apocalypse Orchestra


1. Type O Negative – Love you to Death  –

Around 96-97 I walked to the bus stop, about 2 km walk every day. I had a classic walkman with only one tape to listen to, that my older sister had recorded.

It was October Rust from Type O Negative. I listened to it so many times during those walks, and I still do today (not on the walkman though). ‚Love you to Death‘ is the first song on that record, and the first cello notes on that song get me everytime.

2. Amorphis – Summer’s End

I’ve loved Amorphis since I heard the acoustic version of ‚My Kantele‘ from the EP with the same name around 1997. I borrowed „Tuonela“ from the local library many times…

3. Garmarna – Herr Holger/Varulven –

Without Garmarna I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Through them I found folk- and medieval music, and the hurdy gurdy. I owe them everything.

I can’t really choose just one song from them so I took the liberty to pick two (still hard though). These songs are both based on medieval ballads with dark and blood-soaked lyrics.

4. Hedningarna – Höglorfen

Equally important alongside Garmarna is Hedningarna (The heathens). This song has lots of drone instruments and a heavy driving beat with both drums and jews‘ harp.

5. Anna von Hausswolf – Mountains Crave

Church organs and a magical powerful voice!

6. Christian Gabel – Krater Prolog

I’ve listened a lot to the retro wave of electronic music. My favourite is this soundtrack to a Swedish post apocalyptic computer game.

7. Jonathan Hultén – Deep Night

Jonathan Hulten from Tribulation released a solo album this year. I love all the songs on this album, the harmonies really reverberate in me.

8. Dead Can Dance – Fortune presents Gifts not according to the Book

Long title on a great song. Brendan Perry’s voice truly shines on this.

9. Myrkur – Ulvinde

Not much to say here. Folky Black Metal with epic choirs, what’s not to like?

10. Gudars Skymning – Olycksfågel

Awesome Swedish Stoner with catchy folky vibes and clever lyrics.


Die komplette Playlist mit allen bisher teilnehmenden Künstlern findet ihr auf Spotify.


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