Interview with Grimner: Part two

The second part of the interview with Ted from Grimner at the Ragnarök Festival includes topics like sightseeing on tour, Harry Potter and even discussions about chocolate.

39819639090_f2df943f2d_k© You released a new album called “Vanadrottning” earlier this year. How were the reactions from the fanbase, magazines etc. to it?

Ted: It has been great. We got a lot of great reviews and only one bad one, I guess – but this is always the case. The overall response to the album has been really great. The video which we released, too by the way. Is Grimner a full-time job or are you just touring on weekends respectively during your holidays?

Ted: No, we all have jobs beside. We cannot live from it. The music industry is too broken. You would have to tour all year long in order to actually make a living out of it. We are fortunate to have good jobs where we can take days off whenever necessary. Still, it is hard work to figure it all out. But we will keep doing it anyway. What kind of jobs do you have?

Ted: I’m unemployed at the moment. Next week I will actually start bottling beer (laughs). Kristoffer is a manager, David is working in the metal industry, Martin – our new guitarist – works for an oil company, Henry is a biochemist engineer and Johan the flutist works as a blacksmith.

39819617780_f7b202aa0b_k © Do you have time for some sightseeing when you are on tour?

Ted: Not very much, actually. After a show, your neck and back are pretty much broken. That is why we try to get some rest before the next show. Anyway, we do as much sightseeing as we can. For example, we were in France last year where we had a whole day off. We used the time to see something from Paris, Notre Dame etc. This tour, we unfortunately have not much time to see some stuff. If you have time for sightseeing – do you have special interests in something?

Ted: Good bars (laughter again)! Seriously, historical monuments and culture in general. When we played the Czech Republic we were very interested in beer. Henry has a friend from Slovakia who lives in Prague. He showed us around and brought us in a small alley. Entered a door to a pub with no name on it. It was really small and smoky – but we had the best beer I have ever tasted in there. They actually brewed it on their own. On your facebook account was a certain picture from the Universal Studios in London…

Grimner© Grimner

Ted: That was David our bass player’s idea. He is the biggest Harry Potter fan in the band although we all like it. It was really amazing. We are a little bit nerdy when it comes to that. There we did that picture “have you seen these wizards”. We just had to do that. Did you read the Harry Potter books or do you prefer the movies?

Ted: I prefer the books. David as well. I’m not sure about the others, though. The books are usually better than the movies. Did you read them in Swedish or in English?

Ted: I read the first four or five in Swedish but then switched to English. That was a little bit confusing because we also translate the names. Are there already new ideas for a next album?

Ted: Oh, yes! I’m the main songwriter of the band and I pretty much always write music. Being unemployed for a while I have had much time for it. There are seven unfinished songs so far. So, I think we will release another album quite soon. We try to keep a two-years’ rhythm for releasing new records although we do not really have a schedule. It’s not like the label – Despotz Records – tells us when we have to release a new album. This is good for us as inspiration does not work like that.

After that Ted approved that Grimner really should do a tour with their countrymen and labelmates Apocalypse Orchestra in order to show how different Folk Metal can sound. What is more, he actually thinks that this is going to happen one day. In the end, we surprised Ted with a little helping of Swiss Chocolate which he considered as delicious. To end the interview, he recommended his favourite chocolate from Sweden: Marabou.

Thank you for taking your time Ted. It was a pleasure to chat with you!

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